Ooona Tools - Version 3.29 (March 4, 2021)


  • Implemented "Auto capitalize first word of new sentence" (should be turned on in user configuration)

  • Improved Short Forms and Autocorrect functionality (User Configuration)

  • Implemented DSS IMSC 1.1 export

  • Added "Auto capitalize" checkbox in short forms dialog + search field

  • New hotkeys for shifting in/out cues by 1 frame

  • A new hotkey for selecting all subtitles

  • A new hotkey to fit current subtitle duration to match the reading speed

  • Added a separate "Timed Text" category for the TTML based formats in the export dialog

  • Added a warning on .ooona import, asking whether to keep existing project settings or override them

  • Keep the configuration template name on import + automatically select it after the import

  • Don't show warning about language mismatch on .ooona source file import in Translate and Review

  • When importing TTML IMSC 1.1, use the top & bottom values from TTML regions for exporting VTT files [Convert API]

Bugs fixed

  • WPM reading speed value updates when adding a space to the end of the line

  • Undoing Merge Up causes text duplication

  • Vietnamese composition characters duplication issues

  • Scaling issue in the export dialog on older versions of Chrome

  • “Repeated words without punctuation” fix when text is styled or partially styled

  • Cutting subtitles using the "Copy / Cut" dialog to a later index in the project puts them in the wrong index

  • Batch export - update FPS if the project settings were modified by video .dat file


UPDATE 3.29.2 (March 8, 2021)

  • Fixed Excel export failing when project name has more than 31 characters

  • Fixed paint-on caption control codes at the end

UPDATE 3.29.6 (March 17, 2021)

  • Add option to convert a user preset to global if the user has the role

  • Fixed text wrapping when breaching the subtitle block limits

  • Ability to sign MPEG-DASH URLs from a private s3 bucket (requires bucket policy update)


UPDATE 3.29.10 (March 18, 2021)

  • Additional fonts for PNG exports


UPDATE 3.29.13 (April 12, 2021)

  • Fixed Web VTT import with double CR and align parameter at the end of the cue line

  • Fixed Locked TC still allows to run timecode fixes