Ooona Tools - Version 3.30 (May 24, 2021)


  • Browser-generated audio waveform & shot-changes.
    This removes the need for OOONA Agent previously required for audio/video analysis

  • Automatic video conversion for unsupported video formats

  • In-app video tutorials (Help menu)

  • Audio waveform is now available in non-pro apps

  • Users subscribed to the ‘Create’ tool will automatically get the ‘Translate’ tool with no additional charge

  • Added “Web VTT (2018 spec)" format to support more customizations than the regular VTT

  • Additional endpoints for Convert API

  • Security enhancements



  • Added option to calculate preview font size according to video format (Project Settings - Display)

  • Improved client admin dashboard - user creating and subscriptions overview

  • Do not require a phone number and last name when importing users via Dashboard

  • Automatically send a password setting email to new users created via Dashboard

  • Updated getting started tour steps and UI

  • Timeline - add an option to zoom the waveform vertically (sharpen audio peaks)

  • Implemented a better visual indicator for subtitle multiple selection

  • Auto-logout after 60 minutes

  • Option to omit positioning tags and \n at the end of each line in .ASS (substation alpha) export

  • In-app alerts can now be moved to a different portion of the screen via User configuration

  • When running checks - initially scroll the results table to the top by default

  • Updated Netflix glyphs list and add a few exceptions for Romanian

  • Added MHei HK Heavy & MHei HK Medium fonts

  • Add support for half-width characters count in Korean

  • Added a few more options to playback speed (0.4, 0.6, 0.85)

  • Implemented an 'offset' query string parameter for the Convert API conversion call

  • Allow setting a language code when exporting Paramount TTML

  • Safe Area borders have been changed to solid white lines

  • Optional vertical barcode on the video which allows to analyze screen recording and detect the source

 Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed exported files are limited to names with no more than 62 chars

  • Slow TIFF images zipping process sometimes resulting in an error

  • DFXP imports center aligned with left justification as left aligned

  • "Settings mismatch" confirmation dialog showing up when importing a file

  • Fixed project name and subtitle zero changing when appending a file into an existing project

  • Fixed EBU TT importing "cyan" as "aqua"

  • 'Fit subtitles to one row' adding a space while ignoring the styling of the 2 merged rows