Ooona Tools - Version 3.31 (June 16, 2021)


  • Option to chain captions without out-cues (Project settings in Closed Captions mode)

  • Option to remove subtitle segments in Convert API by providing a list of in/out times

  • Added "lime" as one of the editor's colors to support #00FF00

  • Added "Open FAQ" to the help menu

  • Option to ‘split/merge block’ on multiple captions

  • Added ‘TIFF 32 bit RLE’ (uncompressed) option to Spruce DVD Maestro export

  • Additional fonts

  • Multi-file export option via ‘Batch export config’ in OOONA Manager


Bug fixes

  • Half-width symbols are still counted as full-width in validation checks

  • SCC italics control codes were imported as white spaces, introducing redundant splits

  • Automatically fix a single space with different styling

  • DSS IMSC 1.1 export time format options showing only MediaFF

  • Final Cut Pro (images) export now defaults to ‘script ver.7’ for compatibility with Adobe Premiere

  • Automatic import of SCC files into projects in OOONA Manager


Update 3.31.201 (July 28. 2021)

  • Fixed TTML import ignoring 2nd line italics when source XML styling is on both lines with a <br/> inside

  • Added support for changing font size unit to TTML-derived formats that allow changing the font size value & custom outline

  • Fixed language mapping for AppTek translation for Spanish (Latin American), Chinese (Traditional) and Portuguese (Brazilian)

  • Add option to export Spruce DVD Maestro with TIFF 4 / 8 / 32 bit RLE images

  • Fixed minor closed captions chaining and display issues

Update 3.31.204 (August 10, 2021)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed sentence coloring hotkey not changing the current color on the 2nd line

  • Fixed “Autocapitalize first word” caps extra letters in words with apostrophes

  • Loop back to the first spellcheck error after fixing the last one if there is any

  • Fixed mpeg-dash URL signing not working for paths with spaces

  • Fixed - Leading spaces added on export to coloured subs with differently aligned lines

  • Fixed merging subs at top of screen causes overlap + indexes not shown

  • Fixed merging raised subs gives incorrect line position when double height is active

  • Fixed “Autocapitalize first word” causes unexpected cursor behaviour/duplicated full stops

  • Fixed vertical position of raised subs changes when number of lines in sub increases

  • Fixed adding words to personal dictionaries not working

  • Fixed saved presets not being visible in Burn tool

  • Fixed - Incorrect SCC import if the files has more than one blank captions