Ooona Tools - Version 3.35 (January 25, 2022)


  • Added 'Remove SDH elements' option in Edit menu

  • Added 'Insert Symbol' option to the Edit menu

  • Added NBC-Universal IMSC 1.1 export

  • Added reading speed values to external Language Configuration

  • Added support for "Simplified positioning" to SMPTE-TT export

  • Added support for custom outline for TTML, IMSC + Luminance gain for IMSC 1.1

  • Added Japanese related properties to Project Settings

  • Added language selection drop-down for localized user interface

  • Implemented a "Toggle between full width to half width" hotkey

  • Implemented auto-detect FPS & language on import + "same as project" language and FPS values on export for Convert app

  • Implemented jump to next / previous shot-change hotkeys

  • Added "Video sections" in Media menu + hotkeys to 'Mark section start/end'. The feature is for marking Skip intro or ad breaks on the timeline)

  • Updated timeline: allow selecting multiple subtitles on the timeline using the Ctrl key + dragging multiple subtitles at once

  • Quick Command button on the toolbar to search for hotkeys and trigger various commands directly from the search dialog

Changes and updates

  • Changed Apple STL's default "Include Italics" value to true

  • Don't include SMPTE m608 information by default in IMSC 1.1 export

  • Updated Crackle version of SMPTE-TT CEA-608 captions

  • Updated EBU STL import (OoonaConvert) to optionally parse lines starting with "<" as italics

  • Allow selecting a subtitle with no duration in review mode + apply set out tc hotkey to previous subtitle if current subtitle is not timed

  • Always show Subtitle Zero in the project if it has content

  • Show one column by default in shared projects in Review app

  • Take exported file name from input file name when using .ooona as the input file in the Convert app

  • Updated table row styling to better support lower screens and prevents ugly overlaps

  • Updated video.js player to v7 together with VHS, HLS, DASH and all other dependencies

  • When moving from Translate to Review - keep the master template and when moving from Review to translate - move the master template to the source column


Bug fixes

  • Fixed Line align value of "align-left" to "Left" in client side

  • Fixed SCC file export right aligned text with italics and without backspace after style codes

  • Fixed "Finish project" disappearing when refresh token is used

  • Fixed "Not aligned to top/bottom" check in teletext with double height

  • Fixed change case not working for words that match more than one lower case exception list

  • Fixed import TC fails with "configuration is not defined" error

  • Fixed source timecode changing when auto populating fps from DAT file is enabled and the source configuration has a different FPS

  • Fixed split doesn't work correctly in chained CC mode