Ooona Tools - Version 3.37 (August 2, 2022)


Added .ttml extension to Netflix-tt exporter
Added a secondary shadow option in image-based exports
Added 'OPTION' key modifier for Mac in Hotkeys settings
Added option to set media buttons as hotkeys on Windows keyboards
Added option for a non-standard header (STL24.01) when exporting a 24/23.976 fps EBU STL file
Added support for track-specific actions: find/replace, timecode recut, copy/cut subtitles
Allow setting error codes in Review Pro when there are no changes
Improved H-align detection of a full-width line in SCC import by looking at the captions before and after
Implemented custom FFMPEG command for Burn & Encode + jump to next/prev subtitle preview
Implemented client specific fonts (hosted in the client's dedicated Toolkit bucket under the "fonts/" path)
Implemented ‘addSegments' option in Convert API
Show tooltips with a larger font
Implemented optional EBU STL italics export as < > instead of standard italics on/off codes
Warn on a possible mismatch between Media Start TC and the start TC of imported subtitles
Added EBU STL checkbox 'Don't treat control codes as space’ to compensate for midrow italics codes not inserting space by some importers


Bug fixes

Fixed line indexes when converting .890 to .ooona via Batch Convert
Fixed - Jump to 'subtitles with numbers' doesn't jump to subtitles with full width digits (East Asian)
Fixed - inverted question/exclamation marks (¿ ¡) incorrectly imported via Custom Text import (Spanish)
Fixed - 'Toggle full width' on multiple subtitles selection (East Asian languages)
Fixed XML annotations importing as remarks
Fixed 'Add to dictionary' for words followed by punctuation
Fixed Word .docx export resulting with right-aligned cells in the table
Fixed box on/off code in Open STL export
Fixed vertical alignment in Burn tool
Fixed curvy quote auto-replace in Cheetah CAP export
Fixed EBU-TT exports incorrect line break
Fixed find/replace 'whole word' ignores words followed by punctuation
Fixed Japanese Chidori placement export issue
Fixed profanity check sometimes not picking up curse words
Fixed sentence case for partial italics + don't apply uppercase on words like green, may, long, etc.
Fixed special characters in SCC are doubled on import
Fixed Start TC from MOV files incorrectly converted for 23.976 projects
Fixed subtitle index of zero when exporting EBU STL with zero subtitle
Other minor bug fixes