Ooona Tools - Version 3.37.22 (September 19, 2022)

This is a minor version with hotfixes for the following

  • Implemented a "SELECT SUBTITLES" button in 'Run checks' results

  • Show a warning when exporting a Netflix-TT Japanese with SMPTE time format

  • Fixed 890 Thai font issue on export

  • Fixed bouten preview for single line vertical Japanese subtitles

  • Ignore mid-line positioning codes on SCC import

  • When writing Cheetah CAP - don't write justification value of 0, use 4 (custom) instead

  • Fixed Cheetah CAP import issue for files containing XPOS values of 33

  • Fixed EBU STL subtitle zero import

  • Fixed SCC export resulting with an overflowing character (which appears dropped in MacCaption)

  • Fixed Excel import with standard columns