OOONA Tools -- Version 3.37.72 (November, 2022)


  • Customizable Excel export from all Pro tools

  • Implemented "SELECT SUBTITLES" in 'Find' and 'Run Checks' dialog

  • Improved .ass import to support speaker IDs in Transcribe tool

  • Implemented "Make private" for global templates

  • Added a Base_Time property to Spruce (.son) Image export

  • Added a ‘Generate timed boxes per shot’ in Transcribe tool

  • Added ‘can be snapped to the shotchange’ indicator on the timeline


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed import of Word/Excel files previously exported from OOONA

  • Fixed Checks & Fixes presets are missing configuration values (only checks names are saved)

  • Fixed Cheetah CAP - don't write justification value of 0, use 4 (custom) instead

  • Fixed DLP Cinema .xml export with valid font URL results with incorrect file extension

  • Fixed EBU STL import for split STL blocks and vPos for open STL with MNR=23

  • Fixed SCC import of extended characters in files with double control codes

  • Fixed bouten auto position for single line vertical Japanese subtitles

  • Don't ignore export offset value if the file contains TC lower than the offset
    (set 0 values instead of ignoring the offset)



  • Implemented Convert API 'Retime' endpoint

  • Add support for "startTC" in Convert API convert endpoint