OOONA Tools - Version 3.38 (December 19, 2022)

Bug fixes

Fixed default vPos not preserved between Open and TTXT in the same project
Fixed Audio Description export of audio track issue due to network CORS errors from S3
Fixed Lambda CAP files containing a single subtitle fail to import
Fixed converting SCC to SMPTE-TT sometimes results with no end time for the last caption
Fixed missing language2 from PAC and 890 export settings
Fixed importing Korean PAC
Fixed SCC conversion error when there's no line index information
Fixed track 2 toggling showing a different index in the timeline than the table
Fixed 890 Thai export not fixing accents when there's a subtitle that starts with an accent
Fixed EBU STL mixed alignments importing + mixed alignment export
Fixed custom fonts to apply to DVD Images export
Do not round timecodes based on the current framerate to avoid offsets when changing the framerate
Added a "validate" query string parameter to the Convert API call to validate timecodes consistency