OOONA Tools - Version 3.39 (February 22, 2023)

Regular expression and wildcard search modes in 'Find & Replace'
Added a check/fix for mixed (horizontal) alignment
Added a check/fix for "Lowercase after sentence-ending punctuation'
Minor UI changes

Teletext mode was completely reworked
Added a video grid with monospaced font for precise positioning and text dragging option
Start-row color codes are added to character count and shown as spaces in the video grid
STL teletext import/export reworked to allow micro-positioning
Fixed vPos when converting between Open and Teletext modes

Closed Caption mode improvements
Start/end Italics control codes will be shown as spaces in the video grid
Italics codes added to character count, ‘Column 32 italics’ check removed
CC video grid opacity made higher for better video visibility
Option to automatically fix timecode overrun on SCC export

Added Hotkeys
Caption placement (bottom right/center/left, top right/center/left)
Updated 'Quick command' default hotkey to tilde (`) - won't affect existing users
Add subtitle at playhead position
Delete remarks

Import / Export
Bottom-center positioning will not be written in Videotron Lambda .CAP
Fixed 890 Thai export issue when there's a subtitle that starts with an accent
Fixed 890 export when a 0-sub contains more than two text rows
Fixed color codes mapping from SRT to EBU STL
Fixed iTT export to use ; frames delimiter for 29.97DF
Added support for Vietnamese export in PAC/FPC
Fixed incorrect vPos on PAC import when all subs are top-aligned
Fixed SCC export to move spaces after italics to outside the span
Updated 'Web-VTT 2018' for CC projects, added 'safe area' in the export dialog

Other changes
Fixed 'source column' language setting in Translate not updating
Fixed multi-line find/replace
Fixed split block positioning bug
Fixed Numpad hotkeys being active on dialog windows instead of allowing text input
Updated Media<>SMPTE conversions - round frames instead of flooring
Updated Convert API "?validate" logic to run after offset, removeSegments and addSegments
Minor bug fixes


Amendments from March, 9th

Added center-left button to Align menu and hotkeys
Don't apply short-forms on apostrophe
Fixed incompatible characters in Traditional Chinese exports [SRT big5 codepage]
Implemented "Auto recut Start TC" for all exports dialog