OOONA Tools - Version 3.40.25 (April 10, 2023)

Fixed ‘Run checks’ updating project settings and changing the project mode from CC to OPEN
Fixed export dialog values always defaulting to Open mode settings
Fixed ‘Replace All’ issues with special characters at the beginning/end of line
Fixed STL teletext background color introducing extra spaces on import
Fixed VTT import with MM:SS.mss time expression
Fixed Substation Alpha import when a file is encoded in UTF-8 without BOM

Option to auto-remove dialog dashes when splitting a subtitle
Implemented strike-through styling (inline toolbar, hotkey, visual indicator)
Updated export dialogs - use a separate tab for filter fields + reorder settings
Added a floating validation error dialog (like remarks) to User Configuration
Don't show redundant fields in export dialogs (like TC format when there's only one option)
Allow exporting IMSC 1.1 with % outline value
Hide "Screen Lines" and "Line Length" from EBU STL export dialog