OOONA Tools - Version 3.41

Updated NBC Universal IMSC1.1 export to meet latest requirements
Added Speaker ID export to VTT, Timed Text (TTML) and IMSC1.1, from Transcribe tool
Audio Description settings tab is now a part of Project Settings dialog
Added a 'Custom code page' option to EBU STL export
Added annotations/remarks export to Review summary docx/xlsx
Added dialog dashes removal on subtitle split (User configuration)
Added horizontal alignment indicator in the subtitle list
Added tracks option to Excel export dialog in Transcribe
Implemented 'Sync by time/index' for master template in Review Pro
Implemented a hotkey to change between audio tracks (for proxies with multi-channel audio)
Implemented 'Sort list by timecode' to reorder subtitles added through the timeline
Remove Japanese ruby and bouten when exporting to formats that don't support them

Fixed AD audio export from a project with trimmed clips
Fixed EBU STL adding an extra line break to single-height teletext line
Fixed EBU STL import/export of edge cases with mixed alignment
Fixed FPS conversion issues converting 29.97 NDF to DF with 01:00:00:00 start TC
Fixed justification preview in CC and TTXT modes
Fixed reading speed CPS not rounding down and not flagging subtitles slightly above the limit
Fixed SCC export "Adjust in-cues to fix timecode overrun errors" not working
Fixed SCC import for paint-on and certain rollup captions
Always show Zero subtitle if it has invalid timecode

Fixed Unicode symbols in filename failing finish project
Fixed splitting subtitles not working in shared Review project
Fixed identifying split blocks with bottom or top placement
Fixed visual overlap check and fix throwing an error
Add/trim time should not affect untimed subtitles