OOONA Tools - Version 3.41.130 (October 24th, 2023)


Updated FCP image export with xmeml ver.5 option (script version Final Cut 7 and after)
Added preview generation for image exports
Updated image export file name numbering to base on 4 digits instead of 3
Added 'delete track' command in Edit menu
Implemented TTML ABNF format to allow role & description in <div>
Option to search only in selected subtitles
Emphasize box and stripe background in dark theme

‘Count punctuation’ checkbox in the Reading Speed tab has been reverted to ‘Don’t count punctuation'
so the default state is when the punctuation marks are counted.


Fixed SCC import resulting with 1 frame offset; Fixed caption chaining on import
Fixed marking multiple sections and using undo removing all new sections
Fixed batch exporting with custom format showing an infinite loading spinner
Fixed dialog dashes function is not working correctly for styled text
Fixed shadow dropping accuracy and mixed styles in image exports
Fixed Final Cut Pro image export frame count value for 23.976 FPS
Fixed reading speed accuracy
Fixed importing file into Transcribe hiding the speaker column
Fixed false positive change report in Review
Running fixes for invalid duration allowing subtitle overlap
Fixed Japanese TTML import merging vertical captions with the same timecodes
Fixed EBU STL teletext not exporting black text color on white background
Fixed EBU STL teletext not exporting mixed alignment if there’s a justification value in a split-block

Other minor bug fixes