Ooona Tools - Version 3.24


  • Implemented "Don't count composition characters" option

  • Implemented Quibi Web VTT

  • Implemented calling 'Mark task as complete' URL if passed from Manager API

  • Implemented close / status / get project external API endpoints

  • Implemented multiple time formats for ABDL export in Transcribe

  • Implemented menu for quick transition between Create and Translate apps

  • Implemented hotkeys 'Move word to next sub', 'Move word to previous sub'

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Rollup captions preview

  • Fixed EBU STL OoonaConvert multiple colors per line export with 2 spaces on color change

  • Fixed EBU STL exporting with English US header code when country is set to UK

  • Fixed HLS playback

  • Fixed SAMI export language tags

  • Fixed external export configuration showing default settings instead of the selected template's settings

  • Fixed 'find and replace' ignoring html encoded characters

  • Fixed group edit/assign via Users menu

  • Fixed sentence coloring hotkey catching the dot and last character of the line above

  • Fixed text pasting outside of Toolkit pasting with colors

  • Fixed too long lines fix duplicates text if auto line break is off

  • Fixed default vertical positioning on VTT file import