Ooona Tools - Version 3.26


• Project settings - added 'Validation' tab to perform additional compliance checks on the fly
• Added a tool panel button to show Previous/Next subtitle in the video area
• Untimed subtitle will not be considered as error unless it's in-between timed events
• Implemented the option to set Out-cue & auto calculate next In-cue (User configuration)
• Hide subtitle from video in Work mode when setting Out-cue (unless the video is paused)
• Find & Replace dialog - Added a combo allowing to search in the beginning/end of a subtitle line
• Added a 'floating' remarks window (can be toggled from tool panel or User configuration)
• Improved undo-redo: combine operations executed in short time
• Improved sentence casing for English – considering the text from the previous box
+ fixing words that should be capitalized by language rules.
• Improved subtitle preview text in Open projects not resizing when resizing the video


• Fixed inconsistent line spacing for certain fonts on DVD images export
• Fixed spellcheck failing if 'Ignore UPPERCASE' set to NULL
• Fixed repeated words flagged but fix button is removing more words than it should
• Fixed SRT import if the country in project settings is NULL