Ooona Tools - Version 3.26.51


  • Added option to overlay attributes (tags, formatting) from Source to Target (Translate Pro tool)

  • Added language codes for Croatian (cro), Slovenian (sln) and Serbian (ser)

  • Added option to apply timing compensation to IN-cue only (User configuration)

  • Added option to disable timeline spotting by click-n-drag (User configuration)

  • In Project Settings>Cues - added a separate option 'Enforce minimum time gap'
    [As opposed to 'Auto-comply timing', this option will enforce minimum time gap but allow too long or too short duration during spotting]


  • Fixed EBU .STL export for Macedonian

  • Fixed 'Timecode overrun' showing a different # of frames in 'Run Checks' dialog

  • Fixed 'Remarks' jumping back to the first remark when clicking the up arrow

  • Fixed imported target file with 'zero' sub overwriting a 'zero' sub in Source column (Translate Pro tool)

  • Fixed double height TTXT preview cutting the bottom of the text for 30px font (for bottomed aligned subtitles)

  • Fixed .ooona export resulting with vertical alignment based on 16 lines

  • Fixed Telecine Brazil VTT (no positioning info for default alignment)

  • Fixed Review summary Excel export with multiple splits/merges/added subs (Review Pro tool)

  • Fixed 'auto line break' to work in text without spaces (Korean, Chinese, etc)

  • Fixed sync by TC for imported target files (Translate Pro tool)

  • Fixed .890 import when the language is set to Norwegian Bokmål

  • Fixed "Word to next subtitle" hotkey