Ooona Tools - Version 3.27

Features and User Interface changes

• Implemented GDPR user delete + terms of service
• Added option to 'Ask to split timecode when splitting a subtitle' under User configuration
• Implemented dialog windows resizing by dragging the right or bottom border lines
• Invalid duration check/fix now disregards untimed subtitles
• Review tool will now disregard line index differences if relative position is the same
• Allow turning CC grid off in Create Pro when mode is Closed Captions
• Updated menu items height and width + added hotkeys hints
• Added 'Toggle full screen' button and action (top right corner)
• Added graphicalLineLength to language configuration (API)
• Actions running in a loop (next/previous error/remark/find) will notify when they reach last occurrence
• Changed Review icon for 'Discard changes' to distinct it from 'Omit'
• Some error descriptions have been reworded
• Center the timeline when zooming in or out


• Fixed EBU Teletext exporting more than 40 codes per STL line
• Fixed .890 import for subtitles repositioned with line breaks
• Fixed saving TXT Import configuration when 'raw script' option is checked
• Fixed sync by time in Translate tool when adding new subtitles by clicking on the deleted cell
• Fixed user creation with admin accounts showing 'User Id not found' instead of actual error description
• Fixed range selection buttons sometimes overflowing the screen in Review app
• Fixed incorrect line index in supers exported to 890