Create (Pro)

Create (Pro) is a tool for originating and editing timed text files for TV, web, and mobile delivery.
It is designed to create and edit captions or subtitles in any language online, using a simple and intuitive web interface. The tool allows frame-accurate timing with an advanced timeline, as well as accurate text positioning on the screen.
The Pro version features audio waveform and scene-change detection for precise subtitle spotting.
You can import and export almost any captions or subtitles format, including TTML/DFXP, VTT, SCC, CAP, EBU-STL, SRT, IMSC1, DCP XML, PAC, 890, and many more. The tool also supports generating image-based subtitles for DVD/Blu-ray/DCP authoring.
The Pro version allows you to run templated QA checks and fix your files, as well as customize hotkeys and project settings.