Ooona Tools - Version 3.25

• Implemented 'Zero Subtitle' templates creation (Subtitle - File Properties)
• Implemented 'Add/Trim time' dialog (menu item + hotkey)
• Added 'EDL + Images' export with PNG 32 bit images compatible with Adobe Premiere
• Added support for vertical video resolution in image-based exports
• Added new Netflix & Quibi fonts for image exports
• Implemented spellcheck settings "Ignore words in UPPERCASE" and "Russian - enforce strict ё"
• Implemented 'Import raw script' option for unsegmented TXT/DOC/RTF files (Import menu)
• Implemented 'Set video timecode' dialog (menu item + hotkey) to work from any point in the video
• Implemented .890 graphical line length checks for selected .890 fonts (Project settings - Screen tab)
• Show distinct vertical align indicators in Open mode (for non-bottom position)
• Added text encoding selection to SoftNi .Sub export
• Timing - allow setting value to compensate human response time (Settings - User Configuration)
• Allow multiple subtitles selection by using the Ctrl & Shift keys (apart or together) and clicking on table row headers
• Implemented 'Document preview' section using Google's or Microsoft's doc viewers (toggled in View menu)
• Added a hotkey option to Overlay timecodes and Sync by Indexes
• Added a hotkey option to Append subtitles from file
• Added a Project setting "Enable split blocks" for allowing mixed alignment using 'Split block' button
• Added 'UTF-8 without BOM' encoding to plain text formats
• Implemented 'Export subtitle 0' option in Timed Text (TTML) format
• Implemented .890 export with "New lines for vertical alignment" option
• Implemented .890 file info tab on export

• Move play-head to Start on video load
• Updated descriptions and categories in Hotkeys menu
• Allow exporting the entire project when exporting Review summary
• Subtitle checks menu - 'Critical' preset updated, medium/minor - removed
• Deleting a subtitle will now move focus to the next rather than previous one
• Text search default in Translate app has changed from Source to Target
• Added option to append (merge) subtitles to any place in the project (Import - Append subtitle)
• Append subtitles default changed to 'append to end' (target index 0)
• Layout menu is renamed to VIEW. Added separate options to edit, open and save layout
• The following items have moved from SETTINGS to VIEW menu
• Box Preview, Outline Preview, Theme toggle, Toggle timeline, Toggle video

• Fixed change case toggling for text selection and for range selection
• Fixed OoonaParser shot change extraction for files with apostrophe (')
• Fixed subtitles splitting indexes in Teletext double height projects
• Fixed RTF import issues for files with [Header] section
• Prevent exceeding max number of lines on 'too long text lines' fix
• Fixed 'Step +1 sec/min' hotkey behaviour when the video is playing
• Fixed 890 / PAC zero subtitle export/import
• Fixed OUT-cues not generated correctly in UI for certain SCC files imported via OOONA Convert
• Replace non-breaking space with white spaces on import

• Implemented machine transcription implementation using 3rd party engines
• Implemented disabling Toolbar and Menu items via API
• Implemented configurable system default hotkeys and configuration templates