Ooona Tools - Version 3.23


  • Implemented Disney IMSC 1 .ttml

  • Added simplified positioning for IMSC1 export

  • Added 'Last Modified' column to application Templates in Dashboard

  • Added option to move the chat bubble in case it disturbs the user interface (under the help menu)

  • Sync by time / index option is now always shown in Translate & Review apps

  • UI update for apps list

Bug fixes

  • Fixed TTML aspect ratio values for IMSC1 export

  • Fixed SCC rollup styles import/export

  • Fixed external file import with explicit configuration template failing for any non-ooona file type

  • Fixed untimed project table sorting in Review app

  • Fixed first subtitle in a new TTXT project not defaulting to line 22

  • Fixed Apple DVD STP .stl import with dot frames delimiter

  • Fixed sync by time / index behavior in Translate / Review apps

  • Fixed file extension being ignored in batch export configuration

  • Fixed apostrophe acting as sentence-ending punctuation when coloring text

  • Fixed repeated words without punctuation not always getting fixed

  • Fixed closed captions style always defaulting to pop-on

  • Fixed Review app false positive change indicator when outline, box or justification had empty or default value

  • Fixed rich text copy/pasting