Ooona Tools - Version 3.28.15

  • Added optional text columns to Transcribe tool with custom Excel export, color coding for columns, rich text export to Excel

  • Added 'Transcribe' mode to Project Settings to better support projects originated in Transcribe across all the other tools

  • New spellchecker with optional grammar check (added a checkbox to "Include grammar errors") for selected languages

  • Implemented user personal dictionaries

  • Implemented overriding tags and error codes inside project settings

  • Added "no-NO" to Norwegian language codes list

  • Implemented a "Has Justification" check and fix

  • Merged Pro & non-Pro projects, non-Pro app won't show when the user has the Pro app


Bugs fixed

  • Fixed coloring sentences which start with dots

  • Fixed remarks sometimes copying themselves into the next subtitle

  • Fixed focus lost when last caption is deleted

  • Fixed coloring a line if previous line has the same color and ends with sentence-ending punctuation

  • Fixed sentence coloring when the cursor is at end of line with no sentence ending punctuation

  • Fixed ‘Replace All’ not stopping at the end of the project

  • Fixed next error jumping to the beginning when fixing untimed subs



  • Fixed "Default" language code value in TTML export if there's a different value defined in external language configuration template

  • Don't report external project progress less than 1% so managers will know the project was opened

  • Implemented adding columns in Transcribe mode using external project configuration