Ooona Tools - Version 3.34 (October 24, 2021)


  • Added "Find / Replace / Jump to" icon to the action bar

  • Added support for EBU STL teletext import with <italics text> markers

  • Implemented a basic Starfish XML import and export

  • Implemented default color and background color in project settings to allow default styling

  • Removed the "allowMaximize" option from the table because it results with too much confusion

  • Renamed "Text color override" to "Text color override on export" and "Set Timing Mode" to "Set Timing Mode (legacy)"

  • Updated AppTek machine translation to strip html tags as they break the output

  • Updated IMSC 1 export to allow changing the screen lines values to generate different region heights


Bug fixes

Added square brackets ( [ ] ) and underscore ( _ ) to PAC glyph list
Auto-calculate OUT cue should only work after IN cue
Don't override FPS using external video configuration if "auto populate from dat file" is checked
Fixed short form for ll being applied when typing I'll
Fixed - "Fit subtitles to one row" check/fix changes vertical position.
Fixed - Auto capitalize makes first letter of new sentence white if manually capped
Fixed - In unedited subtitles, raising with Ctrl+Up Arrow doesn't take effect on first press -
Fixed - Leading spaces added on export to coloured subs with differently aligned lines
Fixed - Line limit breach when pushing words to next subtitle with Ctrl+9 -
Fixed - PAC import issue with coloured teletext
Fixed - Some SCC centered line import with wrong alignment
Fixed - Tags are inherited from previous/next box when adding a new sub
Fixed - deleting out-cue in chained mode sometimes deletes the out-cue of a previous caption
“Repeated word without punctuation” check should individually flag multiple instances of same word
Fixed AppTek reformatting output
Fixed AppTek transcribe always running with the English model regardless to the project settings
Fixed Excel export ignores text inside <>
Fixed Spellchecker jumps around incorrect words in dialogue box
Fixed TTML formats export region positioning placing 1 line and 2 lines bottomed subtitles at a difference position from the bottom (1% difference)
Fixed checks & fixes configuration differences between different tracks
Fixed dragging a "CAP" file automatically selecting Cheetah CAP in open mode - do so only in CC mode
Fixed merging raised subs gives incorrect line position when double height is active
Fixed merging subs at top of screen causes overlap + indexes not shown
Fixed sentence coloring hotkey not changing the current color on the 2nd line
Fixed toggling case on highlighted words
Fixed turned on "Show only edited" being disabled after importing into a Review project making it possible to turn it off only via the toolbar
Fixed colouring sentences which start with dots
Loop back to the first spellcheck error after fixing the last one if there is any
Make sure TTML won't export with an out of screen regions due to invalid screen lines value